Let the leaders look after your assets


Do you have a PV system already installed? If so, ensure you continue to get the best output from your array by allowing our industry leading team of engineers to look after the system and its performance for you.

We offer a range of basic and advanced operations and maintenance packages which safeguard the performance of your system for one to 20 years.

Our packages will:

  1. Confirm your system performance through remote monitoring* and periodic testing which will enable early identification and remedying of any electrical or wiring faults.
  2. Maintain your product warranties and component guarantees through system testing, confirming continued safe operation and optimum energy output.
  3. Give you peace of mind that the industry leaders are looking after your system and ensuring that it is performing as it should. Our experienced team of test and design engineers are on hand to advise on and respond to your queries or concerns. In addition to carrying out annual preventative maintenance and reporting on it, we would respond to any breakdown or recorded fault within 48 hours.

If you are an NFU Scotland member, you are eligible to receive an initial free no obligation PV System Test and Recommendation Report worth £250.

*This is dependent on an online monitoring or GSM compatible monitoring meter already being in place.


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