We have partnered with solar investment experts Renewable Energy Investments (REI) to offer Scottish businesses, public sector, commercial landlords and community groups an alternative way to fund clean energy generation projects, secure a reduced electricity tariff and reduce carbon emissions.

The partnership provides access to 100% funding for solar PV projects through a power purchase agreement (PPA).

How the PPA works

  • In return for the leasing of the airspace above your roof, you will receive a discounted rate* on the electricity produced by the solar PV system (installed free of charge) for 25 years.
  • The PV system will be monitored, maintained and insured by REI throughout the 25 year lease, at no cost to you**.
  • At the end of the 25 year lease period, ownership of the system will transfer to you, to enjoy 100% free solar electricity for the remaining lifetime of the system, typically 10 years.

Reaping the benefits of the PPA

The PPA funding model makes solar PV and the benefits of the clean energy it generates, more widely accessible, particularly for those with a high energy consumption, and whom funding has been a barrier to deployment. As well as securing a long term, reduced energy tariff for you or your tenants, it helps commercial landlords comply with Section 63 of The Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009.

How much will the PPA save on my bills?

Based on a 50kWp (typically 200 panel) solar PV system, where 90% of the solar generated electricity is being used on-site, a typical client will save £1,504 on his electricity bill after the first year, and £137,433 over the 25 years of the PPA plan***.

*The electricity generated by the PV system which you consume on-site is purchased from REI at a cheaper rate than your current energy provider, and is linked to RPI inflation. Minimum project size is 20kWp unless part of a multi-site enquiry.

**The PPA can be transferred to new occupants should you move to new premises.

***The electricity bill savings are based on a client currently paying a 12.56p/kWh electricity tariff and an 8.9p/kWh PPA tariff and assuming 2.5% RPI and 5.7% electricity price inflation.

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