Switch to light emitting diode (LED) lighting to improve light quality and make significant energy savings.

LEDs save money – By replacing the incandescent lights in your home, business or community building with LED lights you can cut your lighting cost by over 90%*.

LEDs last longer – LED light fixtures typically provide 50,000 hours (over 2,000 days) of light, so will last six times longer than incandescent lights. Saving both time and money in maintenance.

LEDs provide a safe investment – With a typical payback within three and half years, and a return on investment of 30%**, LED lighting is a simple, commercially attractive energy efficiency measure that can make a significant contribution to reducing your organisation’s carbon footprint.

LEDs look better – LED lights typically produce a superior light quality to incandescent lights. Creating a better, safer environment for your employees and customers.

LEDs can be part funded – The Carbon Trust ‘Green Business Fund’ provides SMEs in England, Scotland and Wales with a 15% capital contribution towards LED lighting projects***.

Combining LED lighting with solar PV can significantly cut your energy costs, by reducing your usage and by generating your own supply.

*Replacing energy saving lights with LED lights can cut lighting costs by over 50%.

**Based on saving £3,000 in running cost per annum from an installation costing £10,000.

***To be eligible businesses must have less than 250 employees, an annual turnover of less than £25.9million or an annual balance sheet of less than £12.9million. Projects must be delivered by a Carbon Trust Accredited Supplier. There is an upper limit of £10,000 and a lower limit of £1,500 of funding available for each project.

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