Airlie Gardens, Brechin

Forster successfully completed the installation of an 80 panel (20kWp) in-roof PV installation in conjunction with the re-tiling of the Airlie Gardens sheltered housing complex in Brechin for Angus Council.  This was the second sheltered housing roofing project completed by Forster’s for Angus Council.

The project was awarded to Forster’s as a result of their ability to provide all the roofing and solar PV installation works in house and also as they were able to host educational visits for local High School pupils.  The 800m² roof area of the complex was re-tiled with around 8,000 Marley Modern smooth grey tiles and the 80 black framed PV panels were integrated into the two south facing roof elevations using the Ubbink Solar In-Roof mounting system.

Following consultation with Forster’s, the Council specified the use of Enphase micro inverters to optimise the performance of the system.  The micro inverters’ control over individual modules allows them to isolate and tune the output of an individual panel, meaning a single failing module or inverter will not take the entire string off-line.  The system is expected to generate 17,000kWh of electricity in the first year, which is being used to provide power for the communal areas including residents lounges, kitchen and laundry facilities.

As part of the contract Forster’s provided a workshop on the workings of solar PV for two groups of Physics pupils from Brechin High School.

Airlie Gardens, Brechin Airlie Gardens, Brechin Airlie Gardens, Brechin

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