Reduce your businesses operating costs and gain a secure long term return by using your roof space to supply cheaper, cleaner solar electricity for your business.

If you own or manage a manufacturing or processing business which has large power outputs, you can align your own peak supply of solar electricity with high demand during the most costly bought in electricity tariff period. Equally if you are operating in an office or retail context you can align peak solar supply with high usage during daylight hours.

Commercial Landlords

If you are a commercial landlord you can turn your property roof space into an asset, by generating and selling electricity to tenants and receiving government subsidies through the Feed in Tariff or Renewable Obligation Certificates.

Forster Energy is the leading provider of commercial rooftop solar to Scottish businesses. Committed to excellence, we lead the way in solar best practice, delivering a comprehensive in-house service, from planning, product specification and design, to installation and after care.

We will work hard to add value by considering your current and future energy needs before tailoring the most cost effective solar plan to deliver the strongest financial benefit. Our systems have helped our typical client save 21% on their energy bill and receive an annual ROI of 18.2% for 20 years.

With rising energy costs, the continuing fall in the cost of solar, alongside government subsidies and widely available finance options – there is no better time than the present to invest in solar for your business or commercial property portfolio.

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