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Priority Care has been providing the highest quality of care for residents across six residential care homes situated around Scotland’s east coast. The family-run care provider decided in 2023 to install solar panels at two of its Dundee homes to take more control of its energy usage and futureproof the buildings.

As part of a wider company investment, Priority Care appointed Forster Group to install 280 roof-mounted solar panels at its Harestane and St Columba’s care homes. Installing solar panels was something which Andy Prior, Director of Priority Care, had been considering for a long time.

Solar power was something we had been considering for a while but the huge increase in energy costs was the real driver to push ahead with our plans.”

“In order to provide exceptional care for our residents we need to futureproof our buildings. This requires significant investment so it’s crucial we make them as energy efficient as possible. We’ve invested over £210,000 to install solar on our buildings so far and are already looking ahead to how we can continue to reduce our carbon footprint while putting the needs of our residents and their families first.”

Forster Group completed the first phase of the works at Harestane Care Home in December 2023, installing:

· 144 solar panels with a total capacity of 58.32 kilowatt peak (kWp)

· Two inverters to convert the DC power from the PV modules into AC power

· The investment will be recouped through energy savings over the next nine years

· Around 75% of energy generated from the panels will help to power the care home’s amenities, including a hydrotherapy swimming pool, commercial kitchen and laundry.

In February 2024, Forster Group completed a second installation at St Columba’s Care Home. This installation comprised:

· 136 roof-mounted a capacity of 57.12 kWp and two inverters

· The panels will deliver around 45 MWh of clean, renewable energy with a payback period of just under seven years

· Around 90% of energy generated by the panels will power the home’s fully electric heating system, along with commercial washers and dryers in its inhouse laundry.

“We wanted to make sure we were choosing the most experienced and reliable provider. Choosing to work with Forster Group was an easy decision as the team are incredibly experienced and knowledgeable.”

Priority Care Homes Priority Care Homes Priority Care Homes

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