Barratt Homes, Evolution, Aberdeen

This well situated city centre development of executive apartments presented Forster with yet another opportunity to excel in their ability to combine roofing and solar PV installation services.

Having worked with Forster’s for over 20 years, and following their success on the previous Devona Gate and Pinefield sites, Barratt Homes again selected Forster’s to install fully integrated PV tiles (including all electrical and commissioning works) in conjunction with the roofing works at the Evolution development.

Russell, Grampian Slate Grey roof tiles were fitted along with 454 Solar Century C21e PV tiles on five of the sites 13 flatted blocks. This included a 172 tile (8.6kWp) and 144 tile (7.18kWp) array on the two prominent entry blocks. The electricity generated is being used to provide power for communal areas (ie corridor and stairway lighting) within the blocks.

Barratt Homes, Evolution, Aberdeen Barratt Homes, Evolution, Aberdeen Barratt Homes, Evolution, Aberdeen

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