Barratt, Ocean, Aberdeen

Barratt Homes’ modern, well situated, executive apartment development provided an ideal opportunity for Forster to further showcase their combined roofing and solar PV installation service.

Having worked with Forster for over 20 years, and following successful installations at the Devona Gate, Pinefield and Evolution developments, Barratt Homes North again selected Forster to install Solar Century’s C21e, fully integrated, 50Wp PV tiles on their ten block development in the centre of Aberdeen

Forster carried out all the PV installation works, including electrical and commissioning, in conjunction with the roofing works. Without any visible flashings or weather-proofing, the sleek, almost invisible C21e tiles marry perfectly with each course of tile, to create the ultimate in PV roof integration. To-date, three of a total of five, 128 panel, 6.4kWp arrays have been fitted in conjunction with Russell, Grampian Slate Grey roof tiles.

The arrays have been connected to the landlord supply, providing power to communal areas including the corridor and stairway lighting within the blocks.

Barratt, Ocean, Aberdeen Barratt, Ocean, Aberdeen Barratt, Ocean, Aberdeen

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