Bellway Homes, Cowdenbeath

This 49 plot social housing development in Cowdenbeath provided the perfect opportunity for Forster Roofing to showcase their fully integrated roofing and in-roof solar PV service for volume house builder Bellway Homes.

Two (0.5kWp), three (0.75kWp) and four (1kWp) panel systems were installed, depending on the size of the house type. The GSE in-roof fixing system was specified to integrate with the plain tile roofing works. The roof and solar panel installation were delivered by the same roofing squad, who had received additional in-house solar installation training. This ensured continuity throughout the project.

The power generated by each solar array will be fed directly into the homes, thereby reducing the tenants’ requirement to buy in electricity from the grid, which will subsequently allow them to take control of their energy bills.

Bellway Homes, Cowdenbeath Bellway Homes, Cowdenbeath Bellway Homes, Cowdenbeath

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