East Hills Farm, Carmyllie

East Hills Farm is a potato farm situated in an idyllic location in central Angus. The requirement for cold storage to preserve the potato crop results in a high electricity usage. With their electricity consumption rising during the longest days of the year (the optimum period for solar), energy generation through solar PV provided the perfect match to meet the farm’s electricity profile.

Following consultation (involving discussion on the electricity profile) and a thorough feasibility assessment of the farm by Forster’s technical team, the Cowan’s agreed to the installation of a 38kWp roof mounted and 112kWp free standing installation on otherwise unused land.

The composite roof mounted array involved the installation of 152 250W Canadian Solar panels. Additionally 448 TRINA 250W panels were installed on the ground. Following a full assessment of the ground structure the Renusol ballasted ConSole mounting system was selected to counter issues created by an inherently rocky site.

The 150kWp system is projected to provide a payback (including FIT & Export payments and energy saving) within seven years and generate a total profit/saving (over 20 years) of £514,000.

The Cowan’s have benefited through gaining greater control of their energy costs, creating a good yield from an otherwise unproductive piece of land, whilst generating a twenty year income stream through the feed in tariff and reducing the farm’s carbon footprint.

East Hills Farm, Carmyllie East Hills Farm, Carmyllie East Hills Farm, Carmyllie

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