Muiredge Primary School, Uddingston

As part of South Lanarkshire Council’s primary schools modernisation programme, Muiredge Primary School was scheduled to be extensively refurbished and extended to provide a modern learning environment for children.

After a successful tender process, Forster Roofing were appointed to carry out the slating works on this Grade B listed building. This was a special project, as it is a historical building with special periodic features and required complete stripping and re-slating of the main roof in order to help comply with the new building regulations.

In addition to the refurbishment works, an extension was added, which was carefully designed to remain in keeping with the periodic features of the original listed building. Forster Roofing managed the integration well between the roof-renewal and new build elements of this project.

The 2,100m² roof area was skilfully slated with approximately 52 tonnes of Burlington Blue Grey slate. Careful planning of the new slate positions was carried out, in line with Listed Building Planning requirements. The high quality finish, although simple and refined in appearance, demonstrates our competence in delivering projects of this nature. In addition, we carried out lead works, installation of new roof lights, cast iron gutters, flashings and downpipes.

Working together with other contractors, the building now complies with the new building regulations. The client was delighted with the workmanship of Forster Roofing operatives and project management team and branded our quality of workmanship “excellent”. The project was completed to the scheduled time and budget.

Airlie Gardens, Brechin

Forster successfully completed the installation of an 80 panel (20kWp) in-roof PV installation in conjunction with the re-tiling of the Airlie Gardens sheltered housing complex in Brechin for Angus Council.  This was the second sheltered housing roofing project completed by Forster’s for Angus Council.

The project was awarded to Forster’s as a result of their ability to provide all the roofing and solar PV installation works in house and also as they were able to host educational visits for local High School pupils.  The 800m² roof area of the complex was re-tiled with around 8,000 Marley Modern smooth grey tiles and the 80 black framed PV panels were integrated into the two south facing roof elevations using the Ubbink Solar In-Roof mounting system.

Following consultation with Forster’s, the Council specified the use of Enphase micro inverters to optimise the performance of the system.  The micro inverters’ control over individual modules allows them to isolate and tune the output of an individual panel, meaning a single failing module or inverter will not take the entire string off-line.  The system is expected to generate 17,000kWh of electricity in the first year, which is being used to provide power for the communal areas including residents lounges, kitchen and laundry facilities.

As part of the contract Forster’s provided a workshop on the workings of solar PV for two groups of Physics pupils from Brechin High School.

Morgan Academy, Dundee

Morgan Academy is a prominent A-Listed landmark in Dundee, devastated by fire in March 2001. It was a spectacular blaze, which gutted the internal construction and roof, leaving only the stone facades.

Rather than demolish the remainder of the School, Dundee City Council opted to restore the building, whilst creating a modern secondary school behind the retained façade.

Mansell was appointed as the Principal Partnership Contractor and Forster was awarded the Slating contract, following a tender and interview selection process.  The contract was let on a partnering basis with an ‘open book’ commercial audit of our tender costs, materials, procurement, etc by Mansell and Dundee City Council.  This principle involved sharing any commercial gains against our tender between sub-contractor/main contractor/client and incentivised the parties to work together rather than individually.  This was the first time Forster had worked under this arrangement and would have no hesitation in doing so again, particularly on a complex refurbishment such as this.

The Restoration Architects, Simpson & Brown selected Burlington Slates for the project and we set about re-creating the visual effect of the original roof appearance from old photographs and videos of the school.

We finalised a schedule for every roof panel that specified the number of courses, individual slate size per course, headlap, gauge and tonnage involved and Burlington provided the huge range of sizes required.  The front elevation conical turrets also required fishscale profiled slate, which added another dimension.  In total 33 panels, 20 dormer roofs, 3 pyramid roofs and 4 conical roofs were allocated slate on a course by course diminishing size basis.

With the extensive nature of repairs and involvement with stonemasons, plumbers and joiners the works required careful co-ordination.  Add in the logistics of moving up to 20 different slate sizes in individual crates to each roof panel, it gives an insight into the unique nature of the project, which was ultimately delivered under budget.

Dundee City Council also took the opportunity to re-slate some of the newer parts of the school, where were unaffected by the fire, whilst we were on site.

Morgan Academy is one of the most technically and logistically challenging projects we have undertaken, but is testament to the collective ‘can do’ attitude by all involved

Victoria Primary School, Airdrie

The re-slating and solar PV installation of Victoria Primary School in Airdrie provided Forster with the perfect context to demonstrate their slating skills, highlight their ability to overcome operational and logistical challenges and also deliver additional complimentary services. As a result, Forster helped the school reduce their energy costs and cut their carbon footprint.

The works carried out to this fully operational school for North Lanarkshire Council included the removal and renewal of the 1,400m² slated roof and installation of new domed Solas roof light.

The 14 roof panels were re-slated using Cupa H3 Slate.  Each slate was fitted with a stainless steel black jap hook, which fixed directly into the sarking.  36 metres of valley were cut, 49 metres of hip fitted and 202 vents were installed.  Roof anchors and snowboards were installed by our sub-contractor partner Roof Edge Fabrications.

The design of the school with a fully enclosed courtyard presented logistical access challenges, which were overcome by careful management of materials into difficult areas.  As the school was fully operational throughout the works, the protection and safety management of the children, their teachers and other visitors to the school was of paramount importance.  This was carefully monitored and controlled by the Forster site manager, Alistair Allan who met regularly with the head teacher and sub contractor partners throughout the contract.

Following award of this contract, Forster provided North Lanarkshire Council with proposals to incorporate the installation of Solar PV into the re-roofing programme to benefit the school both financial and environmentally.  This was taken up by the client who welcomed the opportunity and, after consultation with our solar PV team, a 10kWp in-roof PV system was installed by sister company Forster Energy in conjunction with the slating works.

Victorian Market Arcade, Inverness

Forster successfully completed the £800,000 roof-renewal of the Grade B listed Victorian Market Arcade in the centre of Inverness for Highland Council. The works involved re-slating the 1,500m² roof (using the existing salvaged Welsh slate and new Cupa H3 500x250mm slate), including the striking atrium. The renewal of lead (including large finial detail), roof lights, installation of a specially designed GRP guttering system, stone work repairs, sarking to provide a finished interior, internal painter work, access improvements and installation of new fire alarm and ventilation systems. Careful planning of new and existing slate positions was carried out in line with Listed Building Planning requirements.

The market remained open throughout the project, which was critical given that the works were completed during the peak Christmas shopping season. Forster’s system of programming proved highly effective in dealing with the invasive nature of the works, the extensive integration of trades, the needs of shop owners and the demands of a busy city centre location. Ultimately ensuring the efficient management of resources to meet the programme, the budget and deliver a high standard of finish on the project.

The Construction Phase Health and Safety Plan recognised the challenges of working around and above the general public both externally and internally.  As the sarking boards were in effect the finished ceiling of the Market, the complete interior was protected by means of a crash deck scaffold to separate the works from the public.  Large elements of these works were carried out during night shift periods to minimise the impact on shop owners and shoppers. The main Atrium required a comprehensive scaffold design which itself took over a week to install and although hidden from the public eye was a spectacular structure.

The site location was in one of the most traffic sensitive areas in the centre of Inverness and the nature and scope of the works required the closing of a key traffic lane to provide space for a site compound and access.  Working with the Local Authority, Police and other emergency services as well as local and national bus companies and taxi services, Forster developed a Traffic Management Plan which minimised the impact on road users while accommodating key site service.  For example, detailed planning ensured that the majority deliveries were made out-with peak traffic times.

This project was completed ahead of schedule and strong commendations were received from Highland Council and local shopkeepers in the Market.

Lochgelly High School, Lochgelly

Fife Council appointed Forster to act as principal contractor for the re-roofing of Lochgelly High School. The project consisted of three phases, with the initial pilot phase dedicated to establish the specification and practicalities of working in a busy community school environment.

Following the pilot, the finalised specification was introduced for phase 1 (completed 2006) and phase 2, which is scheduled for completion in September 2007.

Along with replacing the existing fibre cement tiles, Fife Council also took the opportunity to replace leadwork, fascias, soffits, gutters and upgrade the roof insulation as part of the works.

A Lafarge Cambrian Tile was selected for its slate appearance, lightweight and suitability for low pitches.  Lafarge dry fix accessories were also utilised to give the client a maintenance free roof finish covering approximately 7,000m2 over 120 roof panels.

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