John Forster: What needs to happen in 2023

As we enter a new year, the energy crisis continues to dominate our lives. The transition from traditional energy sources to renewables remains crucially important if we are to support consumers to achieve a more energy-efficient and affordable future.

Our chair, John Forster, looks ahead to 2023 and outlines what he believe needs to happen.

“The transition to Net Zero will increasingly be seen in 2023 as the biggest challenge for the Built Environment in living memory. We’re looking for the joined-up thinking that’s been lacking to date, that will give clear direction to education, industry, investors, innovators and stakeholders.

“This is a once in a generation opportunity to transform our industry which we cannot afford to miss, for the benefit of everyone.

“Throughout the 2010s we saw mixed messaging and confusion which contributed to a loss of confidence within the industry on how it can innovate and have control of its own energy future. Investment has been wasted and this, in turn, has stalled innovation and led to an increasingly unaffordable transition.

“In 2023, we must see joined-up policy making. We also need to set clear, consistent and integrated standards that drive innovation and investment from industry and the public sector alike.”

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