Solar Independence Plan

Solar power has seen spectacular growth in Britain and around the world over the last five years. It now provides 1.5% of the UK’s electricity, supporting over 30,000 jobs across the country (including the supply chain). Prices have tumbled rapidly, allowing the Government to cut subsidies by about two-thirds during the lifetime of the last Parliament.

DECC has found that solar consistently has strong public support out of the renewable mix, year on year.

The Solar Trade Association recently published its ‘Solar Independence Plan for Britain’, setting out how the new Government can remove the need for subsidies completely as solar prices fall and reach parity by 2020.

By adopting our 25GW ambition, solar could provide:

Solar power is a breakthrough technology that is globally predicted to be the cheapest energy source by 2025 and the largest by 2050. Increasing its UK deployment will reduce carbon emissions, improve the UK’s energy security, reduce our trade deficit, provide significant new employment and help to contain the rising costs of energy.

We strongly recommend establishing a UK Government-industry task force to plan for solar’s transition to grid parity. Subsidy-free solar is tantalisingly close – we are confident that adoption of our Solar Independence Plan can make it one of the new Government’s significant achievements.

Read the full plan here.

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